UWS Project – My role

Alrite Guys

The role I have undertook for the game design document is more on the arty side look and feel side … “but don’t touch”.

I have made a few mood boards up for the guys in which they will check to get the look and feel for our game. I will also have to set some time aside to learn how to use illustrators and paint software’s.

I already have a good few ideas of how i want the game to look. But that aside I am more of an idea guy . I feel strongly towards my ideas as iam not a selfish or arrogant person and generally see my views as unbiased so I will be bouncing off my ideas and opinions with others in the coming weeks  . Even though I know my tasks ahead I will also see to it as my duty to help the other team mates with things like mechanics as any team should do for one an other.

I have also outsourced two friends I know to see if they can help with the design of a logo and mock up game cover but that will be revealed in the few weeks ahead.

Thanks for reading.


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