DNA Games – First few weeks

So after the first 2/3 weeks of being back at UWS life is good. The old chest nut (my head) has been polished and is ready for yet another year of learning.  So I learned that this year my modules are: Advanced Programing for Mobile Devices  or the choice of a placement, Advanced Flash production , Analyzing Computer games , Law and Legal and of course the Game Project (Zebedee) which is spread over the 2 semesters.

Well for a start I and a few more were miss lead about the placement, me more than others due to a problem with the University not updating the fact that I obtained a grade to get into UNI  never mind the fact I passed the year . So I got in ( without them checking) passed the year and when I should have been getting my information about this year there was a snag and basically had me down as a deferred and non-progression. I so after 3 weeks in University of The West of Scotland I am now a student and enrolled. Any way , back to what I was saying.

We were miss lead and by our course leader , mistakes ? sheer ignorance? who knows. But we were under the impression that there was limited spaces and our class has 30-40 students , also that if you picked Advanced Programing but fancied the placement you could switch in January and vice versa . Wrong wrong and never right. If you picked placement they find you one , also you spend this whole semester gearing up to it. I’m now at a dilemma tho , do I try the placement where I could not have much to offer yet ? even though I am more level headed than my class or do I do the Advanced Programing for mobile devices and learn something where there could be more jobs. Its still early enough to switch and I’ll have to have a think.

What I have learned so far in my Rights And Creative Industries class (RACI) for the likes of games , music, graphic design and so fourth. Is the world is full of “evil bastards !”.

Its all about copyrighting and trademarks and even though when I first seen the module I thought “Another scheduled nap..” Not that i condone such behavior.  But the lecturer has made it interesting , fun and breaks up the class well with video , sound and even searching the web for his examples. Much better way than the old ” read and write” LAZY TEACHING methods. So I have provided a few examples of what we learned in very short form which you can further explore.

  • Batman – The true creator was ripped off by his friend.
  • Star Wars – Tried to shut down their own fans who contribute to the star wars universe (sex toys not included).
  • The Verve – Their song “bitter sweet symphony” is what they are best known for. They don’t make a penny from it because they failed to check out the copyright on a piece of sound they used.
  • Superman – Yet another person ripped off from the original creator.
  • Austin Powers –  They never bothered checking up on copyrights or any other infringements and were sued and put a stop to.
  • Booble – They one their case when Google tried taking them down , as they see there clientele to be on the search engine for a very specific reason..
  • Disney – They chased a group through-out America . Costing them millions of dollars or decades because a small group used to draw their characters in a small comic book.

This is just a little snippet of what we have learned in a few weeks of (RACI) , later we discover the business side of things and how to keep yourself right and in check.

The Game Project – Zebedee

This is the group project which we plan to make a game using unreal engine 4. It’s going to be a very simple exploration game with puzzles in which you have to solve to get parts of your ship back to return home. Through-out this we will learn valuable techniques and have something to show for our portfolio. I shall have a separate blog for this and have others right their inputs on it . Any updates will be posted to DNA Games Facebook page.

thanks for reading and more to follow soon !


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