DNA Games – First few weeks

So after the first 2/3 weeks of being back at UWS life is good. The old chest nut (my head) has been polished and is ready for yet another year of learning.  So I learned that this year my modules are: Advanced Programing for Mobile Devices  or the choice of a placement, Advanced Flash production , Analyzing Computer games , Law and Legal and of course the Game Project (Zebedee) which is spread over the 2 semesters.

Well for a start I and a few more were miss lead about the placement, me more than others due to a problem with the University not updating the fact that I obtained a grade to get into UNI  never mind the fact I passed the year . So I got in ( without them checking) passed the year and when I should have been getting my information about this year there was a snag and basically had me down as a deferred and non-progression. I so after 3 weeks in University of The West of Scotland I am now a student and enrolled. Any way , back to what I was saying.

We were miss lead and by our course leader , mistakes ? sheer ignorance? who knows. But we were under the impression that there was limited spaces and our class has 30-40 students , also that if you picked Advanced Programing but fancied the placement you could switch in January and vice versa . Wrong wrong and never right. If you picked placement they find you one , also you spend this whole semester gearing up to it. I’m now at a dilemma tho , do I try the placement where I could not have much to offer yet ? even though I am more level headed than my class or do I do the Advanced Programing for mobile devices and learn something where there could be more jobs. Its still early enough to switch and I’ll have to have a think.

What I have learned so far in my Rights And Creative Industries class (RACI) for the likes of games , music, graphic design and so fourth. Is the world is full of “evil bastards !”.

Its all about copyrighting and trademarks and even though when I first seen the module I thought “Another scheduled nap..” Not that i condone such behavior.  But the lecturer has made it interesting , fun and breaks up the class well with video , sound and even searching the web for his examples. Much better way than the old ” read and write” LAZY TEACHING methods. So I have provided a few examples of what we learned in very short form which you can further explore.

  • Batman – The true creator was ripped off by his friend.
  • Star Wars – Tried to shut down their own fans who contribute to the star wars universe (sex toys not included).
  • The Verve – Their song “bitter sweet symphony” is what they are best known for. They don’t make a penny from it because they failed to check out the copyright on a piece of sound they used.
  • Superman – Yet another person ripped off from the original creator.
  • Austin Powers –  They never bothered checking up on copyrights or any other infringements and were sued and put a stop to.
  • Booble – They one their case when Google tried taking them down , as they see there clientele to be on the search engine for a very specific reason..
  • Disney – They chased a group through-out America . Costing them millions of dollars or decades because a small group used to draw their characters in a small comic book.

This is just a little snippet of what we have learned in a few weeks of (RACI) , later we discover the business side of things and how to keep yourself right and in check.

The Game Project – Zebedee

This is the group project which we plan to make a game using unreal engine 4. It’s going to be a very simple exploration game with puzzles in which you have to solve to get parts of your ship back to return home. Through-out this we will learn valuable techniques and have something to show for our portfolio. I shall have a separate blog for this and have others right their inputs on it . Any updates will be posted to DNA Games Facebook page.

thanks for reading and more to follow soon !


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DNA Games – Glad to be Back !

Alrite Guys!

It’s been a while since I lasted blogged but I am back now. With a new year at University of The west of Scotland (UWS) doing Games Development (year 3) I plan to get back into blogging about projects at UWS and at home.

I will also get back on to reviewing games and maybe even movies ( student budget) if I get the chance .

So from things I develop/make to watching and playing I plan to share with you guys and yous can have a ” wee gander” (look at) and hopefully a read .

Thats all for now  , content will be coming soon !

DNA Games – Ricky Steven

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Nevrax & DNA Games

Alrite guys!Buginator3thick

There has been a new team project undergoing at the University of the west of Scotland (UWS) / (ofof).

It has been undergoing for the last few weeks but only recently has it being in proper development.

This time we will be making a game rather than just designing the document for a game.

The choices we came up with were simple and they had to be as we only have 10 weeks to do this in.

The choices from the brief were to either do a report or make a game. Its pretty obvious that a lecture / lab full of Game development / Game technology students were going to pick. Well if ye didn’t pick a game/software your really not in the right business.

Like I said we made the decision to make a game. The choices in which followed by that were to make a 2D game and something a little different and the best choice was to make a 2D Top-down view of a turret defence game.

I had been chosen to do the graphics and designs of the games assets like the sprites of the bugs,turrets and the games user interface (GUI) as well as the logo.

I then went about throwing together a quick game design document to get the ideas rolling… Game names , themes, enemy’s , mechanics and things of that nature. It looks ugly but its still good to get things started .



Out of the ideas the team voted for Bugs/Insects to be the enemy and what turrets we would like in the game. The Name BUGINATOR seemed fitting and that’s what were rolling with!.

To begin with our initial idea is that there will be 3 enemeys and 4 turrets. And the enemy’s will attack in waves. This may tweak as things go on but its what our initial game will have.

The game will be made with ( Construct 2 ) by our programmers of Game Tech (Christian + Sean) , and the sounds by another Game Dev student (Jordan) under the banner of Nevrax.

We also plan to put  Buginator to Facebook !

The next blog I will show off what enemeys and turrets I have came up with.

Thanks for reading .

also check out http://dnagamereviews.wordpress.com/  An  honest opinion on “Elderscrolls online” is due this week. Plus “Tomb Raider” and “South Park the Stick of truth” !

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UWS Project – Imperial Crusade empires map – GDD update

Alrite Amigos


Its starting to to get to the “nitty gritty”  end where were making sure our Game design Document (GGD) is packed with information and and put away very neat and tidy.

So I took it appon myself to get the head down and knock out some user and game inter faces (UI’s) (GUI’s). Along with some concepts and proposals for maps which cover our proposed level design.

I made a total of 4 maps which I will bundle together at the end. The first two are very similar , the first being a map which shows the old empires and the second the different regions and with their provinces split into different sections. The other two are a maps which shows the worlds religions and the world after the empires fracture apart and you can see the newly emerged factions/country’s. I also created an empire document which explains why the empires existed , how they began to fall and what religions and cultures are in each regions.

I also created a few UI’s And GUI’s . The ones I have created thus far are: Province view – for when you click on a province. And shows what key points are within the province which are:  city , monastery and the stronghold.  It will display how much income is coming within the province as well as its culture,religion and who owns what key-point and a few other details. Once you click on a key-point like the city then the other box will appear showing what buildings are within the city and there level. The level will determine how much manpower there is, how much income is generated and effects improvements to armour and weapons. This was the other interface I had chosen to create.

I have also started making a GUI for the map/campaign view with mock ups of icons , mini maps and other buttons and options.

I have also took it appon myself to create my own GGD and write as much on the gameplay aspects and mechanics as I can to help my team mates. I think its important to help give an idea and indication on a few things to help with the process of creating the overall GGD.  Another thing I create was a document on how the menu systems work and what are the follow up options when clicked which is yet again just to help out in case of any problems. I just wish these were real things I made so I could sell them for shiny things or Smirnoff Gold ….. !

Next Tasks are : Update my GGD with info on Units and other things. Finnish GUI for the map. Discuss with group our budget and musical influences.

Thanks for reading . Please like, comment and share and if any questions arise Don’t hesitate to make contact .  I ain’t no dalek !


UWS Project – Game inital idea pitch-

(AA) – Alrite Amigos

After the last few weeks basically consisting on hours upon hours or endless dribble slebbering from chin to chin, or arse tae arse ( Scots lesson 101) its now time to see and ask the question . Are we getting anywhere ? . well its up to our lecturer to deicide that.

If you have been following up on the Bloggs then you’ll know the game which we are making a design document for is a Grand Strategy game which incorporates alot of ideas from , Europa universails , Crusader kings and Rome total war 2.

That is a very brief summery for more information please refer to an older blog !.

So as you can imagine and wee all have been in this boat where you’ve got an idea , you came up with it you’ve created it to you it exists and is a thing and when someone shares a different view ( Everyone has an opinion .. and an asshole..) it can be hard to take .

Were big boys but we can handle criticism , especially the guys i work with .. there bound to be used to it through there life’s . As for me al get over it … check ma face am not bothered anyway !

In al seriousness though were more at the point of . If he doesn’t like it what do we change , adapt or even drop and to be frank ( hey how are you ? am Frank ! ) I wouldn’t know where to start as for me I had a strong commitment behind my ideas for this game.

We sat down and drew up our plan a very simple plan of our ideas on … game play , mechanics , character , story, background and U I’s and decided that we were fine and to go pitch it ,

Well the pitch might have been a little rocky round the edges and even though our real pitch is 6 weeks away  in front of a crowd of potentially over 100+ this 5 minute talk was a little uneasy  – But he loved it !.

He loved al aspects on it especially the part having in real historical battles story’s  into our game to educate the players. The only negative thing was to cut the number of country’s down but its better to have to much and be ambitious than to have to little !

We have yet to come up with a name for the game . This is my task for this week as well as coming up with a concept of a map for our game . if any you guys have any ideas you would like to discus or have an opinion about please comment or mail , What is a good name for a game like this ?

Thanks for reading ! Kind Regards from El Ricky Romance

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DNA Games Studios UK -original name – reflection on university

Alrite Amigos (AA)

A great start from me and the guys Ryan Anderson and Mark De Folco-McGuire (more like De fecto).

Our enthusiasm and combined whit got us off to a flyer !!

With the ideas pouring in to what our game could be . Like a big  melting pot … typically of cheese….. but hey I like cheese..

The great thing about My team is wee already know what our roles will be when coming up with our concept as wee all know our strengths and weaknesses , wait no  I mean lesser strengths ! Boom man-chat !!

So its already taking shape with crazy yet rock-face beautiful ideas flowing, 

but that will be finalised in my next blog on our UWS project for DNA Games. 

Also the idea of DNA Games which I supplied seemed fitting and original . What is  your thoughts on the team / company name ? .

also a little moment of reflection … I had to do some work with sound waves and involved such things as drawing them , always a buzz … and doing equations and all I could think of is ….. I actually  miss physics it is Awesome or as I say WOWSOME .

Another was a small chat via lecturer and class .. simple he asked what music do you love which inspires you ? .. loads of Elvis and Hendricks flying about with Mozart(wolfy)  etc. .. me just prior to leaving the car Biggie smalls was playing its all i could think of ha ! 

what do you guys think of the team name … or of the phyisics or song remarks ? 

If you wish interact comment or leave or just plain wave to the screen ..

A’ll b back …….. 

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DNA GAME STUDIO UK – hello world

Alrite Amegios (AA) .

Ricky steven here  – A.k.a – Romance
Gamer tag for xbox live -SLICKTO1

Its about time I descended into the wonderful world of Blogger.

Hopefully if the time of universe will allow me to write and then if you guys can read my blogs about the various things that I like and love or more so of the “punch you in the face” type of ramblings then please leave your response in a comment  or join in on the rants . (“Its a free www !”)

The main features of my blog though will be my team DNA Games Studio UK . Which is my university development team which consists of a team of 3 which I will go into more depth in my next blog.

Hopefully I wil also get some games reviews up and see what you guys think or feel .. “If your one of those types of people”.

I will leave you guys with a very fitting quote for a personal blog.
Hope to see you guys later !

Read and enjoy .

Opinions are like arseholes. We all have one and think that everyone elses stinks”
-Aimed at the world-

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